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Priscilla Jewelry started in the year 1996 in Brooklyn, New York. It has been a prosperous family business at that location for more than 20 years! Julian Lopez and Wanda Diaz-Lopez are co- owners of the New Jersey site of Priscilla Jewelry. Both being first- generation Americas, they too wished to create their mark and live the American dream. With two young children, working odd jobs and learning the ins and outs of the business industry, the team developed their interest in fine jewelry to provide a better life for their family but also creating special moments in the lives of each of their customers. While maintaining the original location, the owners decided to create an additional store in New Jersey to be closer to home and to hopefully be involved with many more happy moments of their hometown community! 

Priscilla Jewelry is located at:


                       New York location                                                                                      New Jersey location 

                  1399 Rockaway Parkway,                                                                         3225 Washington Road

                  Brooklyn, New York 11236                                                                    Sayreville, New Jersey 08859

                  tel. 1(718)- 649- 5864                                                                                  tel. (732)- 925- 5977 

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